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Work Ticket Holders (10 pack)

Work Ticket Holders (10 pack)

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Organize Your Workflow with Durable Job Ticket Holders

Elevate your organizational efficiency with our premium job ticket holders. Perfect for managing work orders, these holders ensure your documents are always protected and easily accessible. Whether you need to sort by department, team, or project, our job ticket holders are designed to streamline your operations effortlessly.

Key Features:

Size: 10" x 13" overall, ideal for standard documents and larger paperwork.
Material: Crafted from clear, rigid vinyl, providing durability and visibility.
Design: Top-load feature for easy insertion and removal of documents.
Packaging: Conveniently packaged in sets of 10, offering ample supply.

Why Choose Our Job Ticket Holders?

✅ Enhanced Durability: Made from high-quality vinyl, these holders withstand daily use, ensuring your documents remain intact and readable.
✅ Clear Visibility: The transparent design allows you to quickly identify the contents without removing them, saving you time and effort.
✅ Versatile Organization: Suitable for various settings, from industrial workplaces to office environments, facilitating efficient work order management.

Optimize Your Workspace

Our job ticket holders are the perfect solution for keeping your work orders organized and protected. Ideal for busy professionals who need reliable and efficient document management, these holders help maintain order and enhance productivity.

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Enhance your document management system with our top-quality job ticket holders. With easy top-load access and durable construction, these holders are an essential tool for any organized workspace.

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