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Portable Vehicle Display Ramps

Portable Vehicle Display Ramps

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- Give Your Front Line Added Appeal or Showcase a Vehicle on Your Lot or in Your Showroom! These Portable Display Ramps are easy to use & move and are ideal for off-site sales.

- Made of 1 inch diameter tube steel, each set of ramps are strong enough to hold up to 3,000 pounds but light enough for one person to quickly and easily move (each individual ramp weighs only 48 pounds).

- Displays a vehicle 1 foot off the ground.

- Each ramp is 64 inches long and is 12 inches wide on the high end and is 10 1/2 inches wide on the low, drive up end.

- There is a 1 1/2" high angle stop on the high end.

- Each ramp is powder coated to provide a durable finish.

- Available in four colors. Choose from Red, Yellow, Blue or Black.

- Each set includes two individual ramps. 

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