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Vehicle Registration Control Log Book

Vehicle Registration Control Log Book

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- One of the most important and essential tools for a dealership is to utilize a DMV logbook. Tracking the retail sales is an important aspect of maintaining order. No matter how many cars or trucks the dealership sells, a logbook is a key method of staying in control over all the paperwork.

- With the proper logbook in place, the dealer can and should be able to control much of the Administrative Service Fees assessed against the store. Elimination of these penalties is a key ingredient to running an efficient operation. Remember that any penalties that are paid, are profits that could have been kept in the dealer's possession.

- If the logbook is used properly, the dealership can reconcile the DMV accounting. If overages, or shortages occur, it can be noted in the logbook. This simple system provides an excellent method for tracking dealership sales and is recommended for both new and used transactions, separated into TWO different logbooks.

- We do NOT recommend using an "Excel Program", or a computer generated spreadsheet instead of the logbook. The reason is the computer program can be altered without one's knowledge. In a paper logbook, it is noticeable when an item is whited out", or when a page is missing.

- Size: 13 3/4" x 8 1/2" - 100 / book

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